Writing has been a big part of my life, from working with creative writing earlier in my career (theatre scripts) to churning out business documents. I specialise in tailoring the latter for use in innovatiove and / or creative projects.

And I have written a book! Ask for the Moon looks at the tension between business model innovation and artistic innovation through the case study of a studio that made (wait for it… ) kung fu movies. You can check out more details about my book about Shaw Brothers Studios here.

Other things I have written include:

  • Training materials
  • Case studies
  • Business Plans
  • Project Plans
  • Grant applications
  • Grant reports and acquittals
  • Position Descriptions
  • Marketing copy

“The business plan was exceptional and one of the best I have seen… and showed a complete understanding of the business planning process, well done!” ~ Vaughan Smith, Business Coach

I am a keen blogger, and you can sample some of my writing on my wordpress blogs:

I am also an enthusiastic tweeter, and you can catch me at @DangerousMere.